West Side 20

Run/walk/talk session.  I started a FB group of FB & actual friends to meet up in West Seattle on the weekends.  The idea is we go 20 minutes one direction and then turn around.  Run, walk, find a bench and people-watch or scenery-gaze, whatever.  Some of us get farther than others; who cares?  Kids, dogs, strollers, and hooligans welcome.  Then we often go get a coffee or brekkie.

Today was with wife-couple K&B and Heath, their dog.  The weather is just turning nice, but it wasn't crowded at Alki because of Easter.  We went further than 20, because we hadn't seen each other for awhile and had a lot to catch up on.

Join us, if you wanna.  Look up West Side 20 on FB.

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