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Now THAT'S refreshing!

I went walking with a pal today (in Lincoln Park ). It was a great walk; I'd never been there before, which I find odd. But anyway, she's a gal I've known for about 10 years, and we know each other through the theatre scene here in Seattle. It's where most (but not all) of my friends come from. It makes sense, since I spend 90% of my non-day-job, non-sleeping hours involved in some kind of theatrical activity. But you know what's so freakin' mind-blowing about this particular encounter? We didn't talk about theatre the whole time we hung out. !!!!!!!! If you are one of the folks who has any idea how rare that actually is, you will know that it's a fuckin red letter day , my friends! An experience to be treasured and celebrated marked with a blog entry. So, what did we talk about? The house she's looking to buy; the diet I'm looking to stick to; the kitten I want to get; the boyfriend who's a dreamboat; the new naturopath she's