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the zoo

"I want you to marry me." -said to me by some guy in the hallway, while I was on my way to the bathroom. Awesome!

under where?

I have been in a good mood every morning for days now. I'm not the easiest-going chipper morning person, as my sweetheart could attest to if he weren't even worse than me. But lately it has been a whole new chapter in my morning attitude. Ya see, I bought new underwear. And even better (and of key importance in the shift), I threw away the old ones. I didn't even save any for those "just-in-case" days. AND THAT IS NOT LIKE ME. No more vaguely depressed sighs as I close the drawer and turn away with a pair of pariah panties clutched in my fist. No more anxious (if unrealistic) visions of the coroner's table with me in embarrassing underwear. I open my top dresser drawer, and EVERY SINGLE PAIR of undies in there makes me want to wear it. My heart sings. It feels so fucking good, and I highly recommend it.