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da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM

If you saw the title of this past and you thought to yourself, "Ooh, iambic pentameter!" or perhaps, more specifically, "Aha, Shakepeare!" - then you very well might begin to understand the hell I am in. Don't get me wrong; I love Shakepeare. Adore, actually. Reading it, deciphering it, acting it, watching good actors perform it. Love. It. Like. Crazy. But I am in rehearsals currently for Shakespeare's King John (an all-female version, and it's gonna be so good). Yes, it's amazing, blah blah blah, but aside from all that --- it's taking over my brain. I walk around all day trying to make my conversations fit into blank verse. I can't friggin' read a book, article or even email without forcing this poetic rhythm on these bits of poor unsuspecting prose. (And really - is there any prose quite so prosaic as modern speech and communication?) Even right now, I've tried to go back and examine this post for it's adherence to iams. O G

These cartoons make me so overwhelmed with joy ...

... that I must punch someone or die. Kenya Badgers England!

nerdy work giggles

Things I get to say at work LEGALLY: "Yeah, let me put that in your box." "How are things going with your unit?" And, of course, countless variations. Some days, it's all I've got ...