certain unalienable Rights

This was national news yesterday, but it was very local for me and my community: 6 people died in Seattle yesterday from gun violence. The cafe where the shooter shot 5 people (two dead on the scene) is 10 blocks from where I work.  Another person was shot in the head downtown and died on the scene when she apparently tried to prevent the shooter from jacking her car -- about 10 blocks from where Mark works. The shooter was found and surrounded by the SWAT Team a mile or two away from where he dumped the car in West Seattle (which is my 'hood).  He shot himself in the head. The shooter and two of the victims died later in the day at Harborview Medical Center where I used to work. The two men who were dead on the scene at the cafe were known and loved by people who I know and love. This really could happen to anyone -- not philosophically, but literally.  For totally actually real.  As a friend of mine said yesterday: "It's all 'us.' There is no 'them.'&

the (egg) scale: Was it worth it?

Skillet Diner on Capitol Hill (FRI 4/6):  I've been dying to try this place.  As much as I always wanted to, I never got to their food truck mostly because they didn't park their truck in front of my house.  But the concept is up my alley: down home with a gourmet touch; anything that mixes my blue-collar heart with my fancy-pants palate is not gonna have to try too hard to get to second base with me.  We got there early-ish, because we figured it would be a scene (it is).  The food is near perfection; it strikes a great note -- not too fussy like a lot of "simple concept" places can be.  But there was something I couldn't quite put my finger on about the service; more than that -- the overall ambiance.  It wasn't bad, exactly; it was just not fully satisfying.  Our server was cute and (mostly) pleasant when interacting with us, but nobody seemed to enjoy working there with each other.  Nothing overt, but shrugs, sighs, whispering - being an open concept floor

the (egg) scale - i review last week's activities

West Seattle Bowl (SAT 3/31):   If there is something to not like about this place, I haven't the hell found it.  I adore this joint.  Parking's a breeze.  It's clean and not skeezy at all.  The counter dudes are always pleasant and funny, and they always banter with me, which I adore.  The bar is reasonably stocked, but I am always sad about the lack of my bourbon of choice (Bulleit).  The attached restaurant just recently changed from a Chinese place to the Highstrike Grill, which is pretty good bar food.  It closes for restaurant seating at 10 PM but serves the alley until 11 PM --- thank god; kitchens that close before 11 PM are the bane of theatre people everywhere.  I've heard that purists hate black light "rock'n'bowl" but screw them, it's effing fun.  Also easy online reservations --- I reserved 3 lanes for our closing night party and put down a $75 deposit.  The actual cost on Saturday nights is $26 per lane per hour.  If you're bowl

West Side 20

Run/walk/talk session.  I started a FB group of FB & actual friends to meet up in West Seattle on the weekends.  The idea is we go 20 minutes one direction and then turn around.  Run, walk, find a bench and people-watch or scenery-gaze, whatever.  Some of us get farther than others; who cares?  Kids, dogs, strollers, and hooligans welcome.  Then we often go get a coffee or brekkie. Today was with wife-couple K&B and Heath, their dog.  The weather is just turning nice, but it wasn't crowded at Alki because of Easter.  We went further than 20, because we hadn't seen each other for awhile and had a lot to catch up on. Join us, if you wanna.  Look up West Side 20 on FB. <p><a href="">Alki Bathhouse - Me-Kwa-Mooks Park</a><br/> <a href=",

a lumbering hippo bear

Yesterday's run was awkward because it had been so long; I was rusty, but the basic form was still there. But TODAY. Today was a different story. I felt like a hippo or a sleepy fat bear. Clumsy and lumbering. Clumbering. A cartoon Igor without the signature tag line, but retaining the slobber. But who the hell cares? I did it. Another 2 miles. I get to checkmark this day. I'll take the W.

showing up

I won't be winning any prizes for today's run, but it's been many many many weeks since I did it at all.  And many many many months since I've done it regularly.  I hope to change that.  I want to sleep well again.  I want my body to feel right again.  I want my mind to land in my skull on top of my body again. I ran.  Not far, not hard, but I'll take it. Quick loop up Genesee Hill to overlook. Find more Run in Seattle, WA Find more Run in Seattle, WA

have your cake *OR* eat your cake?

Shannie's newest post (over here , about her 1st wedding anniversary and the year-old cake they consumed) reminded my of this story of my Mom's & Dad's. One of my faves. My someday parents' reception was at a hotel, who catered & serviced the entire event, including wedding cake. At the end of the evening, they asked for the top cake tier to take with them. The staff reacted oddly; they'd never heard of that tradition. But whatever -- the top was boxed up. Upon getting home, my mom wrapped the shit out of it so that it wouldn't get freezer burn, and stuck it in the back of the freezer. One year later ... My Dad was a DC cop and my Mom was a public health nurse. They both worked long hours and weird shifts; they didn't get a ton of time together at that stage. So they'd both taken the night off, and were settling in to toast their 1st anniversary. My mom had taken out the cake to thaw to enjoy after dinner. But after dinner this frie