the (egg) scale - i review last week's activities

West Seattle Bowl (SAT 3/31):  If there is something to not like about this place, I haven't the hell found it.  I adore this joint.  Parking's a breeze.  It's clean and not skeezy at all.  The counter dudes are always pleasant and funny, and they always banter with me, which I adore.  The bar is reasonably stocked, but I am always sad about the lack of my bourbon of choice (Bulleit).  The attached restaurant just recently changed from a Chinese place to the Highstrike Grill, which is pretty good bar food.  It closes for restaurant seating at 10 PM but serves the alley until 11 PM --- thank god; kitchens that close before 11 PM are the bane of theatre people everywhere.  I've heard that purists hate black light "rock'n'bowl" but screw them, it's effing fun.  Also easy online reservations --- I reserved 3 lanes for our closing night party and put down a $75 deposit.  The actual cost on Saturday nights is $26 per lane per hour.  If you're bowling with 4 or 5 per lane, I think this is super reasonable.  We ended up only needing 2 lanes, and they were cool about it and only charged us for what we used.  The total cost was about $125 for slightly over 2 hours, which broke down to $5/person/game.  This activity is (egg)-acclaimed!

Lola for brunch (WED 4/4): One of the Tom Douglas mini-empire.  Which is to say, high quality and conceptually specific.  This one has a "Greek spirit" according to the website.  A beautiful interior.  Warm and comfy, but not "homey."  Feels casually fancy; like we're eating brunch in a movie.  The food was absolutely delectable.  I cannot name one less-than-excellent thing about it.  And yet ... you know what?  Maybe just too fancy for me for a non-dinner meal.  I didn't want to try that hard to impress my own breakfast.  This brunch is (egg)-tolerated!

Hunger Games @ Cinerama (WED 4/4):  I liked it just fine when I saw it and for about 15 minutes after it was done.  Since then, I've liked it less and less every thought I've given thought to it, and now it's kinda starting to make me mad.  I read the book - very recently, too - and maybe it was still too fresh in my mind.  But truly, I don't think my mind was the problem.  The problem was that the movie was bloody dull (I don't know whether that pun was intended or not).  The book was soooooooooo delicious, addictive.  The movie was not fucking delicious.  AT ALL.  I kept wanting it to be, and kinda kept pretending that it was while I was watching it.  But in the harsh light of day, that bullshit did not fly.  Nothing made me ooh or ahh in delight or gasp in horror or even laugh out loud.  Everything was so fucking and boringly inevitable from the first shot.  And I know it is inevitable --- I mean, it's got to follow the book, right? --- but it shouldn't feel that way.  Good movies (books/plays/songs/etc.), no matter how many times you've seen (read/heard) them, DO NOT feel that way.  And screw that "control center" Game Maker baloney - I yawn all over your Big-Brother-tech-effects-wank-fest.  Cut that crap, and add back in 10-15 minutes of the actual interesting book-story.  Ugh.  Infinitely dissatisfying.  An itch I can't quite reach.  This movie is (egg)-ignored!


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