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What did you do last night?

We’re snots. We are. We complain all the livelong day about reviewers … they’re so mean, they didn’t like me, they don’t support live theatre, they hate art. You know what? Call the wahmbulance. People in the biz are way worse than reviewers. We just don’t put our snotbag comments in print; we kibitz over beers instead. It’s next to impossible for us to go to the theatre with an open mind. This is a function of being in the biz, I’m afraid. We know too much. The magic doesn’t impress us anymore. It’s fringe theatre, so we assume it won’t be very good quality. It’s a professional house, so we assume it will be commercial schlock. We’ve seen this play before. We’ve been in this play before. I mean, jeez! At least the reviewers actually *see* plays — sometimes we don’t even bother to see them before passing judgment. I was at lunch the other day with a friend, and we were talking about shows we needed to see and what we’d seen that we liked, and what we should go see but probably were