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dorothy was right

I was doing my laundry the other day and I reached automatically into my pockets for quarters. ... I just realized that means nothing to you unless you know this: we just moved into a house with a washer/dryer. And oh so many other perks. My new home is the fucking garden of earthly delights. I am not kidding. Two stories, a front and a back yard, a bedroom, an office, a workout room, a true guest bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a driveway, a garage, a basketball net, closet space you wouldn't believe ... I am in bliss. I am simply searching for the perfect living room curtains.

i fell off the wagon, and hit the ground hard

Hello, I've been avoiding you. Oh, it's not you - it's me for sure. The last several weeks have been a whirlwind of classic "real life" activity. I won't got into it again - I cursorily explained it in my last post. However, in the last post, my bad habits hadn't been creeping back in yet. Although it seems that I did anticipate them quite eerily. Yes, it's true. I am humbled to report that my forward momentum ceased. I was phoning it in. I wasn't doing anything on my own in between workouts because I was busy and (I justified) at least was working out 3x/week with Cody. But then I was dissatisfied with my workouts because I wasn't ever getting anywhere because I wasn't doing anything on my own in between workouts. And even at my most avoidful, I can easily spot that circular logic. Eventually. I was driving to my workout a week ago, kinda not wanting to go and fantasizing about excuses I could use to cancel. And then I thought - what the