dorothy was right

I was doing my laundry the other day and I reached automatically into my pockets for quarters.


I just realized that means nothing to you unless you know this: we just moved into a house with a washer/dryer. And oh so many other perks. My new home is the fucking garden of earthly delights. I am not kidding. Two stories, a front and a back yard, a bedroom, an office, a workout room, a true guest bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a driveway, a garage, a basketball net, closet space you wouldn't believe ... I am in bliss.

I am simply searching for the perfect living room curtains.


DL said…
I was right ?!!
What did I say, I can't even remember !

(egg) said…
Dorothy Gale, that is.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps a "we're not in Kansas" reference? It's a good reminder to me to appreciate that non-coin op business. You may be surprised how quickly you can take that for granted.

And, hey, good job on the re-commitment thing with Cody. Seriously. Takes some courage.
(egg) said…
"There's no place like home."

Thx, Becky! (re: cody) Once I "woke up" there was really no other option.
DL said…
aaaaaaah. yes. i shoulda thought of that.
but you know, there is only one Dorothy in my world. ahem.

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