benefit of the doubt

Perhaps you are not aware that there are guidelines that govern the path at Green Lake, particularly if you are a GL newbie or infrequent user. That's okay, it's cool. But now you know. There are. Tell your friends!

Please, Green Lakers, please make sure you are on the correct side of the path. Walkers, runners, joggers, baby strollers, adults who walk with little kids who "ride" a "bike" --- you can ambulate in whichever direction pleases you, but you stay to the inside. Check the signs, check the brass inserts in the concrete ... you'll find I'm correct. I get the outside, but I can only travel counter-clockwise. That is the delicate compromise that has been struck. We all have to give up something.

Oh, and lordonaboard make sure your awesome fucking dog stays close to you and that the leash doesn't cut across lanes. If I am killed, your dog will unfortunately need to be put down.

Confidential to the man with the smart mouth who was walking GL with his family one dusky eve: "No, YOU check the sign."


Christopher said...

This is why I avoid Greenlake like the plague: scores of clueless, sanctimonious, self-absorbed neanderthals who not only don't pay attention to the 800 prominently posted signs and pavement markings scattered the entire circumferance of the lake, but who have the temerity to become actively hostile when you attempt to politely point out their indiscretion, as if all those unambiguous admonitions are, at best, vague suggestions to which they, their spouses, progeny and pets are automatically exempt, and why the HELL don't you KNOW that?

After all, doc says I gotta start watchin' my blood pressure, and I'm sure he didn't mean, "watch it launch into orbit".

Basil said...

One word: "Rollerball"

JJisafool said...

I find I've been confronting people in public who either do dumb things or make smartass comments. Actually took it a little too far and called some lady an asshole when she started rolling through the intersection that Liv and I were still crossing.

Felt good, though. You shoulda rolled back and told smart mouth where to stick it.

Christopher said...

Ah, if we were in fact allowed to dress in full-combat Team Houston regalia and be towed down the "wheels only" lane by large police-cruiser bikes, kneeing and elbowing our way toward The Spud, then I would indeed consider returning to GL.

(egg) said...

Geez - you guys are tense! You should totally get some exercise. I hear Green Lake's nice this time of year.

We only ever go on "off-days" - meaning non-weekends. When it's nice it can still be crowded, but better. I like it when it's nice out, but not too nice out. It's so convenient to get to for us and perfectly manageable on blades; I can't give it up.