green day

Every March 17th, I think about the very best Lusty Lady signs* EVER. (Proven fact.) It was many many years ago on a St. Patrick's Day -- back when I was still a babe in the city; when I was still a Mrs.

"Erin go braugh-less"

. . . and (my fave) . . .

"Porn beef and grabbage"

*Lusty Lady is a strip club in downtown Seattle that has a big marquee sign out front, and they change the risque puns posted on it frequently.


Master Waster said…
I love grabbage, so I checked google for more marquee pics. Lots of goodies:

Happy Spanksgiving!
(egg) said…
Hey buddy! What's up with yourself? Thanks for stopping by, baby!

I saw another fave: "The Temple of Poon" (with an appropriate nod to Indiana Jones).

I got your stimulus package,
xo Peggy
Anonymous said…
Those are most excellent! On our wedding day, when they put Brandon Loves Shannon up, the other side said "See our stimulus package." Still timely.
(egg) said…
I love that you were able to have that for your wedding day. Not everyone is so lucky, Lucky Luckerman! :)
Anonymous said…
I liked the Oscar Night message that said: "I'd like to spank the academy."

There's a whole Flickr group devoted to Lusty Lady marquee messages over here.
(egg) said…
I like the word "spank" anyway. It's a good word.

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