de plane! de plane!

So I wanna get some more tattoos. I've held off for years since my first/last ones (back in college) ... not because I didn't catch the bug ('cause oh I did), but because of my CAREER. Well, fuck! Fuck THAT. I figure, what the hell? I'm not acting, I still want the tattoos... done deal. I can regret it later.

That reminds me of an old BFL joke:
Leaping off cliff in the throes of carpe-diem-ness: "No regrets! NO REGRETS!!"
Realizing 2 seconds later that you just leapt off a fucking cliff: "Regrets! Oh, regrets!"

Anyhoo ... tattoo. Where? What? Advice welcome. I have some ideas, but what I really want is someone really cool and intuitive and talented to interview me and then design me something. Does that happen? Do people do that without you having to be a millionaire? Many things I'd have once considered tattooing have been ruined by others. Things that inspire/intrigue me but that have been co-opted by or are so closely associated with subcultures that I'm not actually a part of (e.g. celtic or celtic-inspired, pin-up girls, gargoyles). God(dess) bless all you folks, but I am not one of you.

What's a girl to do? I don't know; you tell me.

If I achieve inspiration, I will let you know. Hell, I'll post pictures!

I remember when I got my first tattoo. I was 19. I went in thinking I would get a little shamrock on my ankle, and (typically) walked out with the moon and stars on my left shoulder blade. I was at college, 19 years old. I didn't need Mom & Dad's permission at that point, but wasn't immune to their definite influence or to my self-imposed guilt. So I waited until afterward to tell them. They were a bit used to me by now (being their daughter and all) and barely blinked in front of me when I told them; although I bet they had a lively discussion later. They merely paused, and that pause was legion. Among other things it said, "we love you," and "why would you do that?!" and "I can't believe you are our daughter" and "well, it's your body." Later, I swear they got a kick out of telling their friends. "Our crazy daughter, you know Peggy. She nuts, but we love her! She got a tattoo! Can you believe it?" They got to pretend more shock then they felt and at the same time hold up the indy street cred of their daughter. Anyway, in my imagination they secretly loved it.

My parents raised me to be an independent thinker. And oh I bet they rue the day! I love you Mom & Dad! Best gift EVER.


Anonymous said…
George Long at Laughing Buddha on Capital Hill. He rules.
Basil said…
I think you shouldn't be limited to pictoral representations. I've seen some really cool textual tatoos (fonts! love em!).
Also, I don't believe that just because they are permanent, tattoos cannot be frivolous (ask my sis-in-law about that).
I recently heard of a woman who got a lower-back tattoo (a "tramp stamp", if you will) of her OWN NAME.
I can really only think of one good reason to do that...

I'll give you $5 if you include my name somewhere in your new tattoo.
Anonymous said…
How about a tattoo of your headshot on the back of your neck? That way, people can still recognize your face! Yeah!
evergreenplace said…
Anonymous said…
A cryptic map with an "X."
Anonymous said…
It may be too late for input, but a delightful kids book called _Wayside School is Falling Down_ has an entire chapter about a 5th grader who is getting a tattoo for his birthday and his classmates recommendations. There are a lot of good ideas in there. Here, at the library:
(egg) said…
I love you all.
Anonymous said…
What'd ya end up getting, Peg?

So nice to see you back here!

I'm getting my very first tattoo this week! Hoorah! Any advice?

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