am i under-reacting?

Should I be more concerned by bathroom sanitariness? (or is it sanitation?) Several women who work on my floor -- not a majority but not just one or two, either -- follow this procedure (or similar):

  1. wash hands upon entering bathroom
  2. use paper towel to open stall (and from here, I can only assume they don't touch anything with their bare hands - handle, seat, etc.)
  3. flush empty toilet (!)
  4. use seat cover
  5. do business
  6. flush business (ideally with seat cover)
  7. wash hands w/ soap for what seems like kind of a long time; leaving water running until they've dried their hands
  8. use paper towel to turn faucet off
  9. open door w/ paper towel

Am I divulging an unspeakable and (literally) dirty secret by saying that I am in and out of the bathroom (in most cases) in well under a minute? That does not admittedly leave much time for many of the precautions listed above. Am I one big walking germ ball? If I do not pee on my hands (which seriously? is unlikely) or make direct physical contact with my junk, need I wash my hands? Every single everloving time?

Confession: Sometimes I fake washing my hands. Yes. Just so whoever is still in the stall listening, or whoever might be standing outside the door waiting to catch me in my degeneracy, will be fooled. I turn the water on but don't wet my hands. Dude, what's up with that? I think that's mildly fucked up.



The lion had better transform into a lamb pretty fucking quick.


green day

Every March 17th, I think about the very best Lusty Lady signs* EVER. (Proven fact.) It was many many years ago on a St. Patrick's Day -- back when I was still a babe in the city; when I was still a Mrs.

"Erin go braugh-less"

. . . and (my fave) . . .

"Porn beef and grabbage"

*Lusty Lady is a strip club in downtown Seattle that has a big marquee sign out front, and they change the risque puns posted on it frequently.



I have to admit frustration. Since mid-Febraury, I've been diligent about counting calories, cooking at home, eating in a much more balanced manner, keeping exercise levels consistent; and yet the scale does not move down. And in the last week, I am sorry to report that it's moved up. I don't expect miracles or even drastic change, but seriously? C'mon now.


merger complete

I just merged my 2 previously separate blogs. My other blog (Weightless Again) was my fitness-focused blog, and mainly I kept it separate because Cody (my trainer at the time I started the journey) linked to it from his site. If you never checked it out (and even care ... I assume nothing), all the imported posts are tagged with the label "fitness."

I'm starting to decompartmentalize. All over the place. "Integrate" if you will. Oh - and I think you will. I'm beyond wondering whether this is a li'l rebirth of ye olde blogge. I have no freakin' idea and am as excited as you are to find out.

My pulse just quickened.