Wesley has crushed me.

Oh, blog -

I love* Wil Wheaton. I loved* Wil Wheaton before he had one of the best blogs ever (soon to return to his original space at Wil Wheaton dot Net). Before the word blog even existed. I even liked him pre-Star Trek: The Next Generation. But I began to love* him the most during the ST:TNG days. He was mine; or rather the concept of him was mine. See, I kinda sorta liked him fine --- okay, hang on, 'cause this is where it gets confusing, because now "him" is starting to refer interchangably to either Wil or his ST:TNG character Wesley; but since one of the complicated and dubious joys we experience as Americans is the ability to hold this duality about celebs in our minds and implicitly understand it, I feel sure you'll grok this --- but because my sci-fi nerd friends didn't (like him, that is) and made fun of him mercilessly, I was compelled to take up the Wil/Wesley banner, and it was then that my "he's fine" blossomed into "he's awesome, and I will kick your ass."

And then he dropped out of sight (my sight, anyway). And then, years later, surfing from my friends' blogs to other blogs to other blogs, I found out he had a blog, and now I'm an obsessive WWdN reader. And now I love* him anew, and even more. He's a cool celeb again, but remember ... I LOVED* HIM BEFORE YOU DID!

His writing makes me laugh and ponder, and I'm always nodding and thinking "right on!" or "aw, man, yeah" when I read him. BUT! He had this post the other day which broke my heart just a little bit. It seems inocuous enough, about certain modern slang words, but ... I, I ... well, I -- (hitching breath) -- disagree fundamentally with Wil (*sob*).

But all blind love must come to an end, and I look forward to the next few days, when I will be coming to terms with my shattering disappointment (borne - understand this, dear blog - of my own unrealistic expectations, and not of any implied or direct promises or misrepresentations of his; like the day so long ago when I realized that adults can't always be trusted). Then I will wipe my eyes, wash my face, eat breakfast or something, and embark on a deeper love* which will stem from sincere appreciation of truth.

Then, blog, I will be ready to explain to you why I fundamentally disagree with Wil. Right now, it's just too painful.


p.s. I would've been a way better woman for Wesley than that shapeshifting princess.

(*In the sense of "love" that comes when referring to a famous person who you could not possibly truly love because you do not even remotely really KNOW them; but, from what you can glean from their career or how they conduct themselves in interviews, or just how you like their smile or something, you think you really would like them a whole heck of a lot if you went out for beers, and you could imagine being friends with them in an altiverse where you were kinda famous and really cool, too.)


As if real life weren't challenging enough ...

There are several "reality" shows that I and Shoogie are addicted to. Let me name them, in order of ability to take over my life:

The Amazing Race (CBS)
THE! AMAZING! RACE! Eleven teams of 2 race around the world for a cool mil. Every leg, whoever is last to the pitstop is booted. People, yes. I know it's not as good as it used to be. But it's amazing and it's a race around the world. It's not reliant on "judges" who swing the vote to keep someone tv-worthy on the air. Sometimes "the luck of the evil" wins (with due homage to Miss Alli). Just like life.

Top Chef (Bravo)
This show is great because chefs are already notorious for their egos, their lack of flexibility, and their diva fits. Also the judges are chefs, who ... well, see point #1. They do not suffer fools, and toss some good tv-makers off because they act like dicks (rather than keeping them for the same reason). Amen, people! That behavior should not be rewarded (except, of course, with a tv show). "I'm not your bitch, bitch!" "You are a tool and a douchebag." Fucking brill.

Flavor of Love (VH1)
I tried to convince myself at first that I detested this show, but it was an unfair and horrible lie. I hope the show will forgive me, because I wanna get back together. Do you know this show? Flav-o-Flav (or how-the-hell-ever you spell his name), he of "yeeeeeeeah, boyeeeeeee" fame, is looking for true love after his (presumably traumatic) split with (former flavor of love of his life) Brigitte Nielsen (who he met on another reality show that I can't believe I have never seen, The Surreal Life). Flavor of Love is like The Bachelor, which is boring, except that Flav is the bachelor. Somehow this makes it AWESOME. And now I have the tiniest yet undeniable crush on Flav. He kind of a goddamn sweetheart. The best? He still wears those huge clocks around his neck. Shit, my boyeeeee plays tennis with that shit on. Hi-LAR-ious.

There are others, oh my yes:
=> Project Runway
=> Celebrity Fit Club
=> America's Top Model
=> The Mole (r.i.p.)

You see, for Christmas my parents gave me and Shoogs the best/worst gift you can give a couple with our sense of humor & absurdity (some would call it laziness, but I wouldn't deign to get off the couch to dignify that with a response). This gift was ... cable.


I haven't had cable in many many years. What a vast wasteland of pointless disgusting beautiful vapid fascination. Gee-zus key-riced, I love it. Love. Love love love hate love. I could watch HGTV (the Home & Garden Network) or TLC (The Learning Channel), like, 27 hours a day. Except that wouldn't leave me time for the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet or Dogg the Bounty Hunter on the Bounty Hunter Channel or any of those favorite friends I listed above.

The only problem is ... when do I have time to play my computer games?


songs that make me wanna dance or sing really loud (or both)

I'm not even going to deeply examine why, but here's a list (that is almost sure to be updated):

"Stone in Love" - Journey
"Easy Like Sunday Morning" - Commodores
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Elton John & Kiki Dee
"Come Monday" - Jimmy Buffett
"The Best of Times" - Styx
"Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen
"Kites Are Fun" - The Free Design
"Walking on the Sun" - Smash Mouth