I don't mind spending money.  I actually freakin' like it.  It's super fun and satisfying.  I earned the money, what the hell else am I going to do with it?  (I know, I know - save, retire, buy a house - whatever.)  But still, I'd stay that I'm on the fairly conservative side of consumption.  Waste makes me feel yucky.  Waste of all kinds - time, money and/or resources.  I certainly realize that's a fairly personal calculation.  I prefer finding my clothes at thrift & consignment stores.  I do the math when it comes to portion sizes claimed on the side of a box.  I rinse & reuse ziploc bags if they aren't gross.  I buy store brands.  But there's more to value than a spreadsheet and I also take things into consideration like convenience & desire.  Some nights you couldn't pay me to cook a meal, not to mention leave my house; so hell yes I'll pay extra for delivery (+ an excellent tip, mind you).  Totally worth it.  And some days I'll throw down an exorbitant amount of money of this amazing, high quality, perfect-for-me dress that comes straight out of the Upper-Middle-Class-Liberal-Neo-Hippie-Shoppers monthly catalog.  I desire it too much to deny.

There are some things that it KILLS ME to spend a lot of money on.  Due to the power of the internet, I can track down those things and find out if there's a cheaper or better or DIY way to get it. One thing that is appalling is the cost of of beauty products.  I'm going to start in my bathroom, and see what I find.